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Social Media Promotion to
Help and Give Back to the Community

We here at David Taylor Spray Painting and Panel Beating understand 2020 has been an unprecedented year for everyone. A year that has challenged a lot of people as well as businesses, more than they ever thought they could be tested. It’s in moments like these, our community need to come together and help each other out.

2020 hasn’t been the only difficult year for myself (Clinton Taylor) and my family. 2019 was a year where we were challenged and tested beyond a point we ever thought we would be. My wife and I sadly lost a child to stillbirth, and it was during that time of heartache that we were supported and uplifted by the community.

If not for the outpouring of support, we may not be where we are today. Having been through tough times, we certainly know first-hand the real value in community support. We had a year that by all accounts has been prosperous when compared to last.

Therefore, we want to give back to the community and help those that are doing it tough. We want the community to share stories of deserving people who just need a helping hand. Whether it be with a bill they can’t pay, groceries or fixing their car. We may not be able to help everyone, but if we can help a few stay or get back on their feet, we know how far that community spirit can be shared.

Do you have any questions or want to learn more?

To Learn more about the New Year, New Hope Promotion, watch this video.

What is the New Year, New Hope promotion?

Each week during the month of December, from Monday – Sunday, you can nominate a business, organisation or an individual from the Townsville community who is doing it tough this year. You can nominate by sending us an email at or by sending us a message on Facebook. Don’t forget to give us a bit more background information and explain why you think they should be chosen.

What support could they receive?

Here are just some ideas on how we can help.
  • Individual: Pay bills (e.g., electricity bills, rent), buy groceries, fuel vouchers, back-to-school essentials, replace stolen items (e.g., bike), or car repairs.
  • Business/organisations: Marketing/advertising, car detailing, office supplies.

Who is eligible to enter?

Anyone who needs a helping hand! Do you know of a person or business who is struggling or needs a bit of extra help? Whether it’s a family member, friend, business or organisation, we would love to hear their story and find a way to help.

How do I participate?

  • Nominate a friend, family member, business, or organisation. Kindly send us an email or facebook message, explaining why you think they should be chosen.
  • Follow our facebook page and stay tuned. At the end of each week, we will announce the winner on Facebook.

How long will the promotion run for?

The New Year, New Hope promotion will run for nine weeks. Nominate a person or business between these dates via email or facebook message.
  • Week 1: 01/12/20 – 06/12/20
  • Week 2: 07/12/20 – 13/12/20
  • Week 3: 14/12/20 – 20/12/20
  • Week 4: 21/12/20 – 27-12/20
  • Week 5: 28/12/20 – 03/01/21
  • Week 6: 04/01/21 – 10/01/21
  • Week 7: 11/01/21 – 17/01/21
  • Week 8: 18/01/21 – 24/01/21
  • Week 9: 25/01/21 – 31/01/21

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